Anger Management Program
​​​Anger is a natural emotion that we are all capable of expressing. It is a signal that something is wrong and that we have to make a change. How you bring about this change depends on whether or not you use an appropriate expression of anger. 

​Is your anger disrupting your life? Relationship? Work? Perhaps your anger is too intense when it doesn't need to be. If you would like to put a lid on your anger episodes, anger management counselling may be what you need.

What does the Anger Management Program entail?

The Anger Management Program entails attending eight (8) sessions of anger management counselling. Topics include:

  • Your anger history/story - What brought you here?
  • Understanding the physiology of anger
  • Using your physiological changes as anger cues
  • The role of cognitive distortion in fueling anger
  • Identifying prominent cognitive distortions and finding their antidotes
  • Discovering that anger is a secondary emotion - what are you truly feeling?
  • Learning to develop emotional awareness
  • Combining our tools to create an anger management toolkit
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