Domestic Abuse Counselling
Being in a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship is what we yearn for. However, when we behave in ways that promote power and control, instead of equality, we hurt ourselves and the ones we love.

If you're a victim of Intimate Partner Violence or an offender and would like some help, this program would best suit you. This program will help you identify areas of power and control and modify these to promote equality

                          What does the Domestic Abuse Counselling Program Entail?

  • What's your story? What brought you here?
  • The role of power and control in abusive relationships
  • Different types of abuse: physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial abuse
  • Making the shift from Power and Control to Equality
  • Exploring parental upbringing and how it affects adult relationships
  • Building effective communication skills
  • Practicing conflict resolution 
  • The effects of abuse on children

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