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Counselling and psychotherapy is an extremely personal journey of reflection, deep self-understanding, realization and change. Though it can be intimidating at times, it can also be exciting as the possiblity of geniune happiness is just around the corner.  Empathic Counselling Centre uses empathy as a vehicle to bring about changes through compassion, non-judgement and understanding. 

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why Choose Empathic Counselling Centre?

Solution Focused
Holistic Approach
We make every attempt to ensure that we see you. We keep our schedule flexible so that we can meet your needs
We incorporate knowledge through various counselling beliefs and strategies to provide services that best suits you.
Counselling doesn't stop at the end of your session. We provide tools that you can use outside the counselling room to help you cope with your challenges
Not only do we spend time working through your challenges, we also work towards finding a solution

Counselling Programs we offer

What counselling programs do we offer at Empathic Counselling Centre?

Empathic Counselling Centre specializes in anger management therapy. Anger is a complex emotion that requires an in-depth look into the many roots that causes it to arise. Not sure why you're getting so angry so quickly? We can help with anger counselling

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Pounding heart? Sweaty palms? Tight chest? These are all classic signs of anxiety that seem to appear out of no where. Anxiety counselling at Empathic Counselling Centre will help you find coping strategies to deal with your anxiety in the moment

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We all have sad days, but what happens when we're having sad days every day? Depression can be crippling - it becomes impossible to get out of bed. Empathic Counselling Centre offers depression counselling to help you get motivated and energized.

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Anger Counselling
Anxiety Counselling
Depression Counselling
Domestic Violence Counselling focuses on either victim or perpetrator of domestic violence. As a victim, Empathic Counselling Centre helps you with working through trauma and rebuilding your life. As the perpetrator, we focus on rebuilding relationships, working through guilt, and developing better coping strategies 

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Feeling stressed is normal. Too much stress is a problem. Excessive stress leads to health concerns, anger issues, loss of sleep and appetite, and depression. If you want better ways to manage your stress with self-care and creating a healthy work/life balance, Empathic Counselling Centre can help you out!

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Who said you have to wait for the new year to create new goals and work on them? Every day is the perfect day to work on your goals. Not sure how to start? Need someone to keep you accountable? Check out our goal setting counselling program 

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Domestic Violence
Stress Counselling
Goal Setting
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If this is your first time seeking counselling or psychotherapy, we know that it can be quite confusing to get things going. To help smooth things out, we've conveniently set up a QUICK FAQ to answer your pressing concerns. 

Quick Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? 

Call, e-mail or fill out a contact form to get in touch. We will arrange an appointment based on your availability.

I have insurance coverage. Now what?

In order to make counselling affordable, it is important to know exactly what your coverage entails. We encourage our clients to inquire about the type of coverage (look for Registered Psychotherapist or Psychologist) and the amount of coverage (is it a portion of the session or is it a set amount?) before your first appointment so that there are no delays in services

Do you bill insurance directly?

If you are a Plan Member for Greenshield, SSQ or BlueCross, yes, we can bill directly. If not, we will provide you a receipt at the end of your session that you can use for reimbursement. Empathic Counselling Centre continues to partner with insurance providers to ensure greater accessibility to services. Look out for updates as we are constantly working on expanding our insurance company roster. 

How often are sessions?

This is entirely up to you. We find that the most effective schedule is weekly. However, it is not uncommon for clients to meet with us bi-weekly. This soley depends on the nature of your concerns, goals in therapy, and availability.   
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Juliann Rasanayagam
"I live for that 'aha' moment that my clients have in session. To know that I have guided them to make connections, changes, and enlightened them, is powerful. I am constantly impressed by their motivation to improve their lives and I feel blessed to be a part of their journey."

- Juliann Rasanayagam, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist
Empathic Counselling Centre

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